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Alternative for Agreement


Apr 22, 2022

Are you tired of using the same old words every time you want to convey the idea of agreement? It`s time to spice up your vocabulary with some alternatives for the word “agreement.”

1. Accord

The word “accord” can be used to describe a formal agreement or a harmonious relationship between two parties. For example, “The two countries reached an accord on trade agreements.”

2. Consensus

Consensus refers to a general agreement or widespread acceptance of an idea or proposal. For instance, “After hours of debate, the board reached a consensus on the new proposal.”

3. Understanding

The word “understanding” can be used to describe an informal agreement or an agreement that is not legally binding. For example, “We came to an understanding that he would finish the project by Friday.”

4. Pact

A pact refers to a formal agreement between two parties. It can also be used to describe a treaty or a deal. For instance, “The two countries signed a pact to reduce carbon emissions.”

5. Covenant

This word is often used in a religious or legal context to describe an agreement that is binding in nature. For example, “The couple entered into a covenant of marriage.”

6. Arrangement

The word “arrangement” can be used to describe a formal or informal agreement between two parties. It can also refer to a plan or a scheme. For instance, “We made an arrangement to split the profits evenly.”

In conclusion, using alternative words for “agreement” can add variety and depth to your writing. Try incorporating these synonyms into your work to keep your language fresh and engaging.

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